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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

So you're looking for a heavy duty storage cabinet for your inventory or tools? In determining which industrial storage locker to choose, you first need to toss around the question: "what will I be storing?" Thinking about the use of the storage cabinet will allow you discern what weight constraints to consider, whether you want an open or closed storage locker model and if bins or drawers are important for your storage needs.

  • Weight Capacity: This factor is weighty in determining your need for a commercial storage cabinet. What will you store? What weight capacity do your shelves need to be able to withstand? "Heavy duty" can be relative, so really consider what your business will be stowing on the locker shelves. I’ve seen industrial metal storage cabinets described as "heavy duty" when their weight load maximum is under 150 pounds. If you’re looking for extreme duty storage cabinets, with a load capacity of over 1900 pounds per shelf, Standard Shelving offers a section of stowing cabinets and lockers to withstand such a load.

  • Door Visibility and/or Ventilation: Many commercial storage lockers offer an option to choose from a see-through or solid door. The decision depends on what your factory or shop needs in a storage locker and the importance of visibility and ventilation. As we talked about in the previous post on flammable storage cabinet requirements, ventilation is not a requirement for fire protection purposes. For the most accurate and up-to-date ventilation regulations, consult your local Fire Marshal. See through door visibility allows for easy inventory assessment and ease of determining the location of your stock; however, in a well-organized (or labeled) shop, closed doors provide a more aesthetically pleasing, clean look.

  • Storage Drawer Capacity: With most industrial metal storage cabinets, the availability of storage drawers draws minimal attention solely because most supplies destined for heavy duty storage are bulky; however, drawers are a huge plus in a heavy duty storage locker for many reasons. Drawers stow smaller, dense items that may not have a home on the shelves themselves. One of best ways to incorporate both the flexibility of shelves with the organization of drawers is to look for a storage locker model with both features.

  • Height of storage cabinet: Now most commercial storage cabinets stand tall and offer an enormous storage capacity, but there also exist counter height storage lockers with equal load capacity and function. The benefit to counter height storage lockers is the ability to use the top side as a table or workspace.

  • Material make-up: Stainless Steel or not? The pros to stainless steel far outweigh the cons; stainless steel is more durable than ordinary steel. Stainless steel will not corrode, stain or rust as easily as normal steel; therefore, it represents a long-lasting and more attractive storage facility for your industrial or commercial space need.

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