Industrial Steel Service Carts and Trucks

All welded service carts and trucks are manufactured in the USA. Our extensive line of innovative Material Handing & Industrial Storage solutions is the result of over 100 years of history in manufacturing excellence. In addition, our products featuring all-welded heavy 12 gauge steel construction. In addition with a tough powder coated finish. These features have earned a reputation for strength, durability and longevity. Even in the most demanding applications. We also have many colors available.

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Service Carts

Heavy Duty all Welded Steel Shelf Storage Trucks Provide Storage and Transport For All types of products and Materials. Heavy Duty Welded Steel Shelf Storage Trucks are made of welded steel. This is for long lasting durability and dependability. We also offer wide selection of rugged service carts to meet particular requirements or applications. Additionally, our carts are designed with heavy duty angled steel posts and bolted on wheels. This allows for easy transport of products, tools or other utilities. We offer carts with flush shelves or shelf lip to retain cargo during transit. Furthermore the tubular push handle allows easy cart maneuvering. Available in a variety of types, sizes and colors. The following great features are available. All welded. 12 guage steel. Standard & Custom. Writing Shelf. Offset Handle. And Deep Lip.


Shelf Trucks

Writing shelf trucks with larger capacities to pick more orders means fewer trips. All-welded 12g shelves available with retaining lip-up or flush shelf with lip-down. Writing shelf is same width as truck width. So, this heavy duty Stock Truck features a built-in writing stand for record keeping. Consequently, this cart is ideal for warehouse, stockroom and shipping areas. Additionally the cart has a built-in 12″L sloped writing surface features an end stop to retain literature and writing utensil. Very useful features such as. Built in writing shelf. 12 guage steel. All welded. Also Standard & Custom.

All welded steel order picking trucks are able withstand up to 3,000 lbs. Durable steel shelves are made of durable 12 gauge steel. And feature raised lip to retain contents during transport. Uprights consist of thick angle steel for strength and rigidity. Tubular steel push handle has a radius bend for comfort. 12 gauge caster mounts securely hold heavy duty casters to allow easy, long lasting mobility.

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Service Carts and Trucks

Mill Duty Mobile Transport tables Features Gusseted 12 Gauge Steel Shelves That Can Hold Up to 7,000 Pounds. Service carts use super-reinforcement with channel under bracing for increased strength. Gusseted 3″ angled uprights are 3/16″ thick. Casters mount to 1/4″ thick tubular steel for extreme duty. So our shelves are flush for easy loading and unloading. In addition, tubular handle with smooth radius bends for comfort. Bolt-on mill duty casters with a heavy rig have roller bearings and grease fittings. Durable gray powder coat finish. Other colors are also available.

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